Thursday, May 24, 2018

The A-Z of CHEESE!!

Talofa Lava Bloggers

It's me Rhia and today me and my class were doing a research task about CHEESE!
So what we had to do is our teacher gave us some questions that we had to find out researching. She gave us to research a Italian Cheese called Casu Marzu. It's a dangerous cheese that has a disgusting ingredient in it, I'll give you a clue what it starts with, it starts with the letter M. Have you guessed it if you haven't here it is MAGGOTS!!!
When I found out this Cheese had maggots I was so creeped out and never wanted to try it in my whole entire life.
Here's some work that I did about the Cheese!

Hope you guys enjoy this!!!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom, Colleen's Birthdays Invitation!!!

Fakalofalahiatu Bloggers!!

Me and My class have been reading this funny story called There's a boy in the girls bathroom. There is this girl called Colleen, she is having a birthday party and she wants to invite this boy called Jeff because she likes him a lot. Jeff is a new boy that accidentally went in the girls bathroom. This is My Invitation that I made For Colleen's Birthday Party to Jeff, I put a lot of effort of decorating this.

What I liked about my work is that it is very decorated and maybe next time I could do it on slides.

I hope you guys enjoy this!!!
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Hi my name is Rhia and today I am going to be talking about this funny video of me talking about if you would share your password. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What does Collaboration mean?

Kia Ora everyone, It is Rhia here today I am going to be telling you guys what Collaboration means. Collaboration means working with people as like your team mates and working together.

Thank you
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By: Rhia

Friday, June 9, 2017

Skate boarding

                                                     Building a skate board with my class   
Hey guys, this is a picture of my group and I building a skate board with Mackayla and Martin. Martin showed us how to use the items to build the skate board. Martin showed a quick example of how to build it. Mackayla came around to check to see if we were doing it right or doing it wrong. When I went to the toilet our group came last place because we were to busy  arguing about who's doing that who's doing this, but I really liked building it, and chilling with my group. It was a really fun.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Samoan language week

                                                          Samoan language week

In Henderson class we have been learning about Samoan things. One of the Samoan things that I have learned  is their Tapa cloths. They use their Tapa cloths to put on top of cars and also use it for Weddings and Funerals. Also Mrs. Tau gave us some of her family's Samoan stuff. One of the stuff she gave us was a war weapon. The war weapon costs a lot of money. The next thing she gave us for us is a fala it is a mat but is called a fala in Samoan language. Thank you also please comment and read.